Bad Factors Law

27th January 2010

The final proposed version of the Property Factors (Scotland) Bill was proposed last week on 22 January.

The new law would introduce minimum standards for property managers as well as an accessible, cost-effective dispute resolution process.

Govan Law Centre was involved in drafting the legislation.

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Consumer Right to Cancel Contract

27th January 2010

Recent publicity has highlighted the importance of new rules applying to tradesmen and professionals who conduct business at customers’ or clients’ homes or event their place of work.

The Cancellation of Contracts Made in Consumer’s Home or Place of Work etc Regulations 2008 became effective as of 1 October 2008, and enhance previous consumer protection legislation by giving consumers the right to cancel a contract for the supply of goods or services made during a visit to their home or place of work.

The trader/professional is carrying out his business, but the consumer is not. Therefore, the regs ...

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Opposition Amendment to Homeowner & Debtor Protection (Scotland) Bill

22nd January 2010

Despite representations made by the Scottish Association of Law Centres and Renfrewshire Law Centre, the government has decided not to amend the new bill to re-introduce a reasonableness test for homeowners facing repossession by their mortgage lenders.

However, the Labour opposition party has taken up SALC's case and agreed to propose an amendment that would include such a test. Mary Mulligan MSP, Labour Housing Spokesperson, will submit the amendment today.

SALC and RLC support the bill in principle, but believe its current drafting would be inadequate to guarantee homeowners the kind of protection they need.

The bill proposes amending ...

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New Housing (Scotland) Bill

21st January 2010

The Scottish Parliament's Local Government and Communities Committee requests consultation on the new Housing (Scotland) Bill.

The primary aims of the bill are:-

 ‘To improve the value that social housing delivers for tenants and taxpayers, to safeguard the supply of that housing for the benefits of future generations of tenants, and to improve conditions in private housing’.



Written submissions should be lodged by 4 March 2010.

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Right to Die Law

21st January 2010

Today independent MSP, Margo MacDonald, has introduced a member's bill into the Scottish Parliament that proposes giving people a right to assistance to end their life.

The End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bil aims to help those for whom life has become intolerable by reason of incurable terminal or degenerative illness subject to certain legal criteria.

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Advocates Respond to Gill Review

21st January 2010

While expressing overall support for Lord Gill’s recent Scottish Civil Courts Review, the Faculty of Advocates has nonetheless submitted a response which criticises the particular proposal to raise the financial threshold for cases suitable for the Court of Session. The limit is presently £5,000, but the Review proposes to increase this to £150,000, effectively bestowing on the Sheriff Courts exclusive jurisdiction on all cases worth less.

The Faculty describes the proposed new limit as ‘inexplicably high’, being three times the equivalent threshold applied in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (which operate different court systems).

It would mean ...

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RLC in Government Consultation

19th January 2010

Further to RLC's participation in talks with Ministers in December, on Monday and Wednesday of this week solicitors from the Scottish Association of Law Centres (SALC), including a representative of RLC, will take part in the consultation process for the Home Owner & Debtor Protection (Scotland) Bill, which is currently going through Parliament.

The new law will improve the rights of mortgage borrowers who face financial difficulties, by forcing banks to call cases in open court. It should also make Protected Trust Deeds more accessible by introducing the possibility of excluding the applicant's principal residence.

SALC and RLC are ...

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RLC Launches True Grit Blog for Icy Roads Campaign

7th January 2010

Renfrewshire Law Centre has launched the True Grit Blog as a platform for our campaign for safe winter roads in Scotland.

Contributors are invited to post comments on the blog.

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Local MSP Calls for Authorities to Get a Grip on Icy Roads Chaos

7th January 2010

"GET  A GRIP - IT IS TIME TO GET SOME GRIT"  WENDY Alexander MSP (Paisley North) calls for more support for people in the winter freeze...

Wendy Alexander MSP said, "It is time to get a grip - and get some grit".  Since Sunday Renfrewshire Council's  website admits that only main roads are being gritted and local grit bins are not being refilled so people who want to help by spreading some grit in their own streets can't. But in other parts of Scotland other roads are also getting attention. So why has Renfrewshire  given up on other roads due ...

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Local MP and MSP Join Call for Safer Winter Roads

6th January 2010

Following Renfrewshire Law Centre's news article of 22 December, Both Wendy Alexander MSP (Paisley North) and Douglas Alexander MP (Paisley & Renfrewshire South) have voiced concern over the state of our roads in the midst of the current icy weather spell.

In an article published in today's Paisley Daily Express, Ms Alexander calls on Renfrewshire Council to approach the Scottish Government for help as a matter of emergency.

Both parliamentarians report a sharp rise in the number of complaints from local constituents regarding the problem.

To read more about the Law Centre's campaign, please follow this link.

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