Scots Judges & Sheriffs

There follows a list of Scottish Supreme Court Judges, i.e. Senators of the College of Justice a.k.a., Judges of the Court of Session and High Court of Justiciary / Court of Criminal Appeal. The Judges’ official titles are given first, followed by hir or her actual name in parentheses and year of elevation to the bench.

Click each individual Judge’s name for his or her profile where available.

Court of Session

Inner House

First Division

Lord President & Lord Justice General, Rt Hon Lord Hamilton (AC Hamilton), 1995

Rt Hon Lord Nimmo Smith (WA Nimmo Smith), 1996

Rt Hon Lord Kingarth (DRA Emslie), 1997

Rt Hon Lord Eassie (Ronald D Mackay), 1997

Rt Hon Lord Reed (RJ Reed), 1998


Second Division

Lord Justice Clerk, Lord Gill (Brian Gill), 1994

Rt Hon Lord Osborne (Kenneth H Osborne), 1990

Rt Hon Lord Wheatley (John Wheatley), 2000

Rt Hon Lady Paton (Ann Paton), 2000

Rt Hon Lord Carloway (Colin JM Sutherland), 2000

Rt Hon Lord Clarke (Matthe G Clarke), 2000

Outer House

Rt Hon Lord Hardie (Hardie), 2000

Rt Hon Lord Mackay of Drumadoon (Mackay of Drumadoon), 2000

Hon Lord McEwan (Robin G McEwan), 2000

Hon Lord Menzies (DAY Menzies), 2001

Hon Lord Drummond Young (JE Drummond Young), 2001

Hon Lord Emslie (GNH Emslie), 2001

Hon Lady Smith (Anne Smith), 2001

Hon Lord Brodie (PH Brodie), 2002

Hon Lord Bracadale (AP Campbell), 2003

Hon Lady Dorrian (Leeona J Dorrian), 2005

Hon Lord Hodge (PS Hodge), 2005

Hon Lord Glennie (Angus Glennie), 2005

Hon Lord Kinclaven (AF Wylie), 2005

Hon Lord Turnbull (AD Turnbull), 2006

Hon Lady Clark of Calton (Lynda Clark), 2006

Hon Lord Brailsford (SN Brailsford), 2006

Hon Lord Uist (RF MacDonald), 2006

Hon Lord Malcolm (CM Campbell), 2007

Hon Lord Matthews (Hugh Matthews), 2007

Hon Lord Woolman (Stephen E Woolman), 2008

Hon Lord Pentland (Paul B Cullen), 2008

Hon Lord Bannatyne (Iain AS Peebles), 2008

Hon Lady Stacey (Valerie E Stacey), 2008


Sheriff Courts (Sheriffs Principal)

Sheriffdom of Glasgow & Strathkelvin

Sheriff Principal James A Taylor, Glasgow Sheriff Court

Sheriffdom of Grampian, Highland & Islands

Sheriff Principal Sir Stephen Young QC, Aberdeen Sheriff Court

Sheriffdom of Lothian & Borders

Sheriff Principal FE Bowen QC, Edinburgh Sheriff Court

Sheriffdom of North Strathclyde

Sheriff Principal Bruce A Kerr QC, Paisley Sheriff Court

Sheriffdom of South Strathclyde, Dumfries & Galloway

Sheriff Principal BA Lockhart, Airdrie Sheriff Court

Sheriffdrom of Tayside, Central & Fife

Sheriff Principal R Alastair Dunlop QC, Perth Sheriff Court

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