Tribunals Transferred to First-Tier Tribunal

Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland

Adjudicator to Her Majesty’s Land Registry

Adjudicators for School Standards

Adjudicators for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel; Adjudicators for Traffic Management Act 2004

Admission Appeal Panels (Schools)

Agricultural Land Tribunal

Aircraft & Shipbuilding Industries Arbitration Tribunal

Antarctic Act Tribunal

Appeal Committees (Schools)

Appeal Tribunal for Betting, Gaming & Lotteries

Appeal Tribunal for Firefighters’ Pension Scheme

Appeal Tribunal for Social Security

Appeal Tribunal for Police Pensions

Arbiters / Arbitrators for Agricultural Holdings

Asylum and Immigration Tribunal

Board of Medical Referees for Firefighters’ Pension Scheme

Board of the Pension Protection Fund

Bus Lane Adjudicators

Case Tribunals from the Adjudication Panels for England & Wales

Charity Tribunal

Child Support Commissioners

Civil Aviation Authority

Claims Management Services Tribunal

Commissioners for Income Tax for England and Wales

Committees for Forestry

Committees of Primary Care Trusts

Competition Appeal Tribunal

Comptroller for Patents and Designs Act 1907

Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunal

Controller of Plant Variety Rights

Conveyancing Appeal Tribunals

Copyright Tribunal

Crofters Commission

Discipline Committees of a Health Board

Employment Appeal Tribunals

Exclusion Appeal Panels in England

Family Health Services Appeal Authority

Financial Services and Markets Tribunal

Foreign Compensation Commission

Gender Recognition Panels

General Commissioners (taxation)

Health Boards

Horserace Betting Levy Appeal Tribunals

Immigration Services Tribunal

Information Commissioner

Information Tribunal

Insolvency Practitioners Tribunal

Lands Tribunal

Lands Tribunal for Scotland

Local Health Boards

Mental Health Review Tribunals

Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland

National Appeal Panel

National Lottery Commission

Ombudsman for the Board of the Pension Protection Fund

Parking Adjudicators

Pensions Appeal Tribunals

Pensions Ombudsman

Pensions Regulator

Pensions Regulator Tribunal

Plant Varieties & Seeds Tribunal

Police Appeals Tribunals

Primary Care Trusts

Private Rented Housing Committees

Referees for Industrial Training

Reinstatement Committees for Reserve Forces

Rent Assessment Committees

Reserve Forces Appeal Tribunals

Road User Charging Adjudicators

Scottish Charity Appeals Panels

Sea Fish Licence Tribunal

Social Security Commissioners

Special Educational Needs & Disability Tribunal Education Act 1996

Special Educational Needs Tribunal for Wales

The Office of Fair Trading

Traffic Commissioners

Transport Tribunal

Tribunal for Education

Tribunal Income Tax

Tribunal for Corporation Tax Act 1988

Tribunal for Medicines

Tribunal for Industry

Tribunal for NHS

Tribunal for Protection of Children Act 1999

Tribunal for Chemical Weapons

Tribunal for School Standards

Tribunals for Mines and Quarries Act 1954

Tribunal for Misuse of Drugs

Valuation Appeal Committees

Valuation Tribunals

VAT & Duty Tribunal

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