Paisley Snail Conference Makes Mail on Sunday

17th August 2011

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New Employment Law Advice Service

21st June 2011

Tuesday, 2.00—4.00 p.m. (first-come-first-served)

As of Tuesday, 28 June 2011 Renfrewshire Law Centre will offer an extra employment law drop-in surgery for Renfrewshire residents wishing advice on their employment rights, whether relating to workplace grievances, unpaid wages, unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination etc. This service is for employees and former employees. You should bring relevant financial information, otherwise the Law Centre may not be in a position to assist (please see below).

 This is a new additional service. The Law Centre will continue to run its regular drop-in surgeries from Monday to Thursday for other matters.

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Well Done, Claire

20th June 2011

Renfrewshire Law Centre Directors & Staff wish to congratulate Claire Gillies on completing her legal traineeship with the Law Centre to become a fully qualified solicitor with effect as of 15 June 2011, and we are pleased to announce her decision to remain with the Law Centre, hopefully well into the future.

A graduate of both Paisley University and Strathclyde Law School, Claire joined Renfrewshire Law Centre in early 2007 as a law student volunteer. Working here in order to pay her way through university, she formally joined the Law Centre staff on a permanent basis as a paralegal in mid-2008 ...

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Iain Wilson in Memoriam

10th June 2011

Iain Wilson

in Memoriam

Renfrewshire Law Centre Director

It is with great sadness that Renfrewshire Law Centre has to report the death of Iain Wilson on 8 June 2011. Iain served as a Director of Renfrewshire Law Centre for many years, giving of his time wholly voluntarily, and Renfrewshire Law Centre is indebted to him for his support, guidance and wisdom over the years. Iain was also active in numerous other local community organisations, including Linwood Community Council, Linwood Tenants’ Association, Linwood Old Age Pensioners’ Association and Linstone Housing Association (of which he was Chair). Thus he remained as busy ...

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Paisley Snail Conference, Call For Papers

3rd June 2011

The Call for Papers for the conference is now open.

Practising and academic lawyers from any part of the world and of any nationality are invited to respond to the Call for Papers. Speakers will be selected on the basis of abstracts submitted in response to the Call for Papers.

Abstracts should be submitted by Thursday 1st September 2011 and will be selected by the Donoghue v Stevenson International Conference 2012 Papers Review Committee.

Papers may focus on any aspect of tort, negligence, and delict which is pertinent to the general overall rationale of the event, however, preference will be ...

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UK Supreme Court Dabbles in Scots Human Rights ?

3rd June 2011

Marisa Gillick, Volunteer Law Student at Renfrewshire Law Centre, writes about the role of the UK Supreme Court in Scottish criminal cases.

Following their recent success in the elections to the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) are set to challenge the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom over its intervention in Scots law regarding Human Rights issues.

The situation intensified following a ruling by the Supreme Court that the conviction of Nat Fraser, who is currently serving a life sentence for allegedly arranging the murder of his wife, Arlene, in 1998 was unsafe.

The SNP’s contention regards ...

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Super-Injunctions: What You Need to Know

31st May 2011

David Young, Volunteer Law Student at Renfrewshire Law Centre, writes about super-injunctions.

What is a super-injunction?

A super-injunction is a form of court order available in England and Wales (but not in Scotland, where the equivalent to an injunction is an interdict, although so far there is no 'super interdict'). It is a two-tiered 'gagging order' and more rigorous than a normal injunction. An injunction prevents newspapers from printing allegations about a public figure or an organisation. A super-injunction goes a step further and stops them from reporting on the existance of the injunction itself.

How did super-injunctions come about ...

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Law Centre Client Wins DLA Appeal in Landmark Case Before Upper Tribunal

20th May 2011

In April this year, one of our clients from Paisley (CF), a retired whisky bond assembly line worker, won her case for Disability Living Allowance before the Upper Tribunal in one of the first examples in Scotland, if not the first, of the government appealing against the First Tier Tribunal’s decision to award the benefit.

Although her claim was for low rate care component only, ‘the cooking component’, therefore, in the grand scheme, relatively modest in week-by-week terms, nonetheless this small sum was of significant practical value to her, and could amount to a five-figure sum over the course ...

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Engage Renfrewshire Launches Off

4th April 2011

'Engage Renfrewshire', Renfrewshire's new Third Sector Interface, officially launched on 1 April, effectively merging Paisley Partnership Regeneration Company, Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services, and the Volunteer Centre Renfrewshire.

Engage Renfrewshire has a role in supporting the community and third sector agencies in respect of the Community Plan and its main objectives of wealtheir & fairer, smarter, safer & stronger, healthier, & greener.

Renfrewshire Law Centre has applied to become a member.


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New Legal Aid Thresholds Announced

31st March 2011

The Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) has announced new thresholds for Advice & Assistance (A&A) and Civil Legal Aid (CivLA), which will take effect from 11 April 2011.

Legal Aid is a form of government welfare benefit available to eligible persons who cannot afford to pay for private legal services.

A&A covers meetings with your solicitor, correspondence, telephone calls etc, and representation in some tribunals (ABWOR). Eligibility for A&A is assessed with reference to household financial circumstances, i.e. if you live with a partner, then your partner's income and savings are taken into account.

From 11 ...

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Slum Landlords Beware of New Housing Law

18th March 2011

The Scottish Parliament has now passed the Private Rented Housing (Scotland) Act 2011, which aims to improve the standard of private rented housing in Scotland.

Councils should have enhanced powers to take measures against bad or unlawful practices and to improve both landlords' and their tenants’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities.

Delinquent landlords face a fine of up to £50,000 as well as a ban on letting homes of up to five years. The use of premiums, already unlawful in terms of existing legislation, should also receive attention under the new regime.

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Benefits Reforms Summary under Conservative/Liberal Coalition Government, 2010 onwards

8th March 2011

Click this link for a table summarising benefits reforms introduced under the Conservative/Liberal Coalition Government of 2010 onwards.

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New Law to Help Injury Victims & Families

7th March 2011

The Scottish Parliament has passed a new Damages Bill, which will reform the law of negligence with the aim of improving rights to compensation on the part of victims and their families in claims in respect of injury or death, including those caused by workplace accidents and industrial diseases.

The new law follows recommendations by the Scottish Law Commission, and was introduced by Bill Butler MSP. Changes to the existing law include:—

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Paisley Snail Conference Makes New Friends

10th February 2011

As time marches on, so too do Renfrewshire Law Centre & UWS's plans for the Paisley Snail Conference 2012. Today saw the Conference Streeting Committee engage in a series of meetings with representatives of key agencies to continue to raise the profile of the Conference and to consolidate its support base. Below, Jon Kiddie and Joe Bryce meet Ellen Farmer of the Old Paisley Society at Sma Shot Cottages, an important nearby local institution.

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Eric Graham, in Memoriam

25th January 2011

Eric Graham

in Memoriam

16 March 1924 — 21 Jan 2011

Renfrewshire Law Centre Director since 26 Jan 1999

Chair, 2000 — 2010

It is with great sadness that Renfrewshire Law Centre has to report the death of Eric Graham during the evening of 21 January 2011 peacefully at his home with family. Eric served as a Director of Renfrewshire Law Centre from 26 January 1999, acting as Chairman from 2000 to 2010, our longest serving chairperson ever. As Director and Chairman he gave of his time wholly voluntarily, and Renfrewshire Law Centre is indebted to him for his stalwart support over ...

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Law Clinic Feedback

17th January 2011

Renfrewshire Law Centre is pleased to report student feedback from the first crop of student advisors to particpate in the RLC/UWS joint law clinic venture, Law Wise, as originally publisged on the Law Clinic website.

Law Wise Law Clinic began in September 2010 and had its official launch on 15 October 2010. We were honoured to have Professor Seamus McDaid (Principal and Vice Chancellor of University of the West of Scotland) Hugh Henry MSP, Professor Donald Nicolson (Director of University of Strathclyde Law Clinic) and Mungo Bovey QC speak at the launch. The event was a huge success and ...

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Human Rights Lawyers Re-Unite Family

17th January 2011

Longstanding friend of Renfrewshire Law Centre, Joe Bryce, Advocate, Volunteer Law Clinic Supervisor and Conference Consultant, has won an important asylum case with instructing solicitor, Neil Barnes of Loughran Barnes LLP, thus bringing a Congolese family to Scotland to reunite them with their grandmother.

Pascaline Kunda-Kilufya was granted asylum from the war-torn Congo 2007, but her family remained stranded in a Zambian refugee camp.

The Scottish Refugee Council Family Reunion Unit tried to persuade the British High Commission in Zambia to allow the children in to come to the UK, but this was refused on the basis that some of ...

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Council Supports Homeless Applicants

6th January 2011

Renfrewshire Council has adopted a new policy which should improve the rights of homeless persons and families and those facing homelessness.

In terms of a homeless applicant’s age, although statute law currently only grants (i) automatic priority need to those aged 16 or 17, and (ii) discretionary priority need (a) to those aged 18-20 who have left care or who face particular risks, and (b) to older individuals if some other factor applies, nonetheless Renfrewshire Council hasextended automatic priority need to include (iii) those aged under 36 and (iv) those aged over 50.

This is ahead of Central Government ...

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Online Consumer Rights, Law Society Advises

6th January 2011

Law Society of Scotland’s Advice to Consumers on Online Shopping Rights

From Scottish Legal News E-Bulletin

The Law Society of Scotland has advised consumers to be aware of their rights when it comes to returning any unwanted or faulty gifts which have been purchased online.

The Law Society said that while there are greater protections in place for consumers who make online purchases than consumers who purchase goods in a face-to-face shop transaction, there can, in certain circumstances, be a lack of certainty about just what these are.

Frank Johnstone, a ...

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Scotland Welcomes McKenzie Friends

6th January 2011

New rules on the use of so-called 'McKenzie Friends' in Scotland's sheriff courts came into force on 1 January 2011 to the welcome of such organisations as Consumer Focus Scotland following lengthy campaigning for reform of the country’s civil justice system.

Essentially, a McKenzie Friend is a non-legally qualified individual whom a party to a court case may bring to court with him/her to assist in the conduct of litigation. The name comes from an English divorce case, McKenzie —v— McKenzie. The idea is that if a party may bring a friendly, knowledgeable helper to court, then ...

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